everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
fish fragrant braised eggplant with tofu skin and woodear mushrooms.
i was really craving that kind of saucy eggplant the other day and i found out that my local chinese place no longer delivers to my house.  so i tried to make it at home with mixed success. i’m out of cornstarch and i fear large amounts of oil so the sauce isn’t as think and luscious as takeout but the flavor is quite good.
pickled beets, tuna salad, and parsley on multigrain bread.
an exceptionally delicious plucot, varietal forgotten. the had a tasting at new seasons and i was pleased to like this one equally for flavor and aesthetics. so dull on the outside and brilliant on the inside.
chopped pork sandwich and coleslaw from cannon’s rib express. i got the spicy sauce, which unpleasantly had these distinguishable red pepper flakes in it, but i would definitely go back for the sweet sauce. $7, for a huge mound of meat.
i impulsebought a cookie assortment at walgreens. they have a lot of food there now; it’s weird.
do y’all remember those danish butter cookies in a tin with those little paper cups? i don’t know if it was a chinese thing or an eighties thing but i have a real fondness for them.
one of my most comforting meals, zucchini and corn pasta. the zucchini is cooked until almost mush in butter, so it’s like my version of mac and cheese.
chicken nachos from ole frijoles, the mexican restaurant on my corner. i usually get their pastor burrito but i felt like crunchy today.
dal, ham and cheese omelet with some extra ham, and cucumber slices. i’ve eaten a variation of this meal for several days, sometimes with different salad and with rice.
moong dal. from this recipe.
my mom sent me a package filled with chinese healthfood and now i have 5 packets of mung beans in my cupboard that i knew not how to get rid. this was the best possible option, and quite tasty, but now what? i’m scared to do the sprouting thing.
stir-fried soybeans with pickled mustard greens, chilis and bacon. this dish is supposed to be a condiment/side dish to spice up some rice porridge, etc but in my hands it’s just delicious spicysalty over rice.
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