everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
ramyun from no1 bento. the best meal $5 can get you on a cold winter’s day.
my version of saimin, daikon, lap cheong, ginger, sesame and rice vermicelli in a satay broth. made in the rice cooker.
delicious sandwich from bushel and peck bakehouse. i don’t remember which sandwich it was but the bread is delicious and i also had a lovely lemon bar, later.
chicken salad on baguette and pig butter cookie from chop. everything they do is so good. note to portlanders, they only have charcuterie and a couple steaks at the williams location, not the rest of the meat.
chicken strips and waffles and all the sides (4) from mack and dubs. 
sadly they are facing some kind of suspected arson damage right now and have been closed for a week. they are the best! best side was the red beans and rice but they were all good.
trader joe’s seaweed salad (recommended) and safeway croissant (ok) x a billion servings. the croissants came in a 15 pack and it took me like 3 days to get through it by myself.
hi guys,
i’ve been sick for a long time (no worries, i know what i have now and it’s not a big deal) so i’m slowly posting the stuff i took it seems like months ago. and i’ve been eating crazy stuff due to my sickappetite and the fact that i was losing weight not in a good way. so the next dozenish posts will be kind of “this is why you’re fat”. healthy food will recommence soon.
happy thanksgiving everybody. just have a look at this and it totally counts as eating vegetables.

PURPLE CABBAGE with HANDLE (supportive of a wide array of opinions) Unique 1/1, 2012
a personal story of voter fraud. TALK TO YOUR PARENTS!

i just found out that my mom’s voter registration “didn’t go through.” in new jersey and previously in maryland. and i wish i knew sooner but my parents and i don’t discuss politics. and this is what i found when i googled “2012 election monitoring nj”

google "2012 election monitoring nj"

my parents are both chinese-americans but my mom kept her chinese name and my dad changed his for professional reasons. they never realized this could be an issue until i talked to them.

you need to talk to your parents (family) about these issues, especially if you are a minority. especially if you know they only get their news from tv. especially if you know that they are small-c conservative.


what to do if you are denied registration:

1. contact your state or local board of elections pronto. you might not get through. you probably won’t get through if this is legitimately voter fraud.

2. go to the polling place early and seek out the student/independent election monitoring group set up there.

3. bring proof of residence and date of move (from a public utility or landlord move-in agreement.) anything you can think of.

4. last resort: contact your minority group legal defense organization at the most local level possible. be prepared with this number.

DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. do not accept anything but a paper ballot and photograph yourself dropping it into the official deposit receptacle. make sure your camera/phone time is correct and imprinted on the image if possible.

if a paper ballot is “not available,” document your choices at every step. as many times as you can. upload them online ASAP. tell your story.

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