everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
Jason’s dinner at twohey’s, the stinko burger with sweet potato fries and extra side of onion rings. I ate most of the onion rings with my wedge salad
wedge salad, fuck yeah!
bo la lot and bo nuong mo chai banh uot from vietnam house. they are famous for their bo bay mon (7 courses of beef banquet) but offer the dishes a la carte as well.
it was my first time having banh uot and at first it though, “i need to order more food.” but then with all the veggies and the rolling i was perfectly satisfied by the end of the meal whereas jason was impossibly full from his com tam nem nuong.
i don’t know why vietnamese food (beyond pho and banh mi) isn’t more popular. it’s perfect for people who want both veggies and delicious grilled and fried goodies.
i get a slice from two boots all the time but until now i haven’t been happy with their vegetarian options and their meat pizzas are supermeaty. can’t a girl get veggies with one meat? i love the tony clifton but i can’t get get that every time and i don’t really think of onion, shiitake, and red pepper as real vegetables.
This was an unnamed special with artichokes, spinach and white sauce. and the best part, small knobs of tangy goat cheese. please make this a regular guys!
cantonese style ong choy with garlic and shiitake. eaten with the aforementioned pad see eww.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the torta Cubana, a “savagely beautiful meat beast that the less artful or non-smitten might call a Mexican garbage plate on bread.” Brigham Barnes loves them so much that he wrote all about them on our Medium page. Check out his article here.
Torta Cubana by That’s It in San Francisco 

i’ve never had a torta cubana because i’m afraid/have a tiny mouth.
my main reason to go to hollywood is to go to muji. i was really excited because they were the first us store to have food but when i got there it was only 4 items. i got three of them. the mikan candy is AMAZING.
the best
egg custard over sticky rice from bhan kanom thai. a great breakfast choice  on a lazy sunday.
grilled taro and sticky rice from bhan kanom thaigrilled . so good!
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