everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
semi-lazy hot weather meal: naan, lamb kofta from trader joe’s, and long bean salad that i made the night before. just blanched some long beans (from the farmers market), chopped garlic, sesame oil, and some black vinegar in the fridge overnight.
liege waffle with english toffee ice cream. a jason only treat. i had a bite and both pieces were ridiculously sweet and rich.
curry rice ball and lychee lemonade at the 626 night market.
salt and pepper egg tofu from 626 night market. booth strategically located by the stinky tofu one for those of us who don’t enjoy the smelly stuff.
Giant steamed pork buns from 626 night market. Just for scale, that is a half styrofoam clamshell so those buns are at least 5in in dia. 

Great first course.
beef saltado from the happy inka at the south pas farmers market, with some inca cola.
Tofu, garlic chives and egg with oyster sauce.
i miss cold weather food.
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