everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
Stir fried jiu cai tan (flowering chive), egg, and trader joes seafood mix (shrimp, squid, and bay scallop), based on this recipe. Omitted the garlic and doubled the veggie. Maybe a bit too mild for my taste but excellent with a bit of oyster sauce.
karaage chicken and yakisoba bento from mitsuwa marketplace
trader joe’s lamb kofta, the same cucumber salad, and japanese mayo on lavash. ideally i would replace the mayo with yogurt but we’re out. i’m really into lavash right now.
shio ramen from santouka ramen in the mitsuwa market on centinela. i think that shio is my new ramen of choice, much cleaner but still porktastic broth.
pork and mushroom dumplings with garlic cucumber salad, chili sauce, and black vinegar.
fyi guys, hint of lime tostitos are just as sodium filled and calorific as doritos. i was very disappointed when i found that out in college; they were my chip of choice. i always though the hit of lime tasted vaguely reminiscent of foot loops or apple jacks.

Yes, this is a real article.
plain oatmeal with chili zha cai, a preserved mustard stem, in the style of hokkien porridge. i love a savory oatmeal.
stir fried sukiyaki with faux beef from charm vegan, a local vegan thai place. 
it as really tasty but if you go there i would recommend staying away from the curries, which jason got, as they can be a bit bland but “healthy-tasting”
pork loin and trader joe’s cruciferous veggie mix, in a light soy broth
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