everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
stir fried sukiyaki with faux beef from charm vegan, a local vegan thai place. 
it as really tasty but if you go there i would recommend staying away from the curries, which jason got, as they can be a bit bland but “healthy-tasting”
pork loin and trader joe’s cruciferous veggie mix, in a light soy broth
kung pao chicken with green beans
chinese-style pork loin and brussels sprouts.
the chimmi noodles with short rib from tlt food, a surprisingly spicy noodle bowl with chimichurri and lime sauce, peanuts, arugula, pickled onions, and not as much meat as the photo implies. i may have found my new whole bowl.
i may have found my new whoel
trader joe’s egglplant parm, salad, bread.
what to eat after coming home to an empty(ish) fridge. cold noodles and julienned carrots in a chili peanut butter sauce.
i forgot to take pictures at our final dinner in portland, at tasty and alder. they have a radicchio salad there that is insanely good. even jason liked it!
i can barely remember what else i had there—some pork loin, bread with delicious compound butter, charcuterie, green beans? and hushpuppies! how could i forget? it was all good but if you go, go radicchio.
chilaquiles! from los comadres in salinas. i was getting tired of the american breakfasts and really appreciated the old school chilaquiles-just sauce and chips, with scrambled eggs. and rice and beans. and crema.
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