everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
when i first moved into my new apartment, i had no internet or way of cooking. so on a sunday i went to the south pasadena library for their free wifi and then had a lamb biryani and mango lassi at radhika, a kind of “modern indian” restaurant nearby.
all i have to say is, unless there’s a massive regional difference that i don’t know about, this is not biryani. more like mushy rice with curry sauce stirred in. and the naan was underdone, probably not made in a real tandoor. the mango lassi was good, at least.
this is what you eat after your day starts at 4am and you fly from portland to la, go to work, for a deadline, and then do laundry when you get home. i love you stouffers lasagna.
lamb lasagna and cauliflower mornay from old salt. we also had roast chicken with pretzel bread pudding and greens for our main.
sounds good right? bland city.
the bread pudding had way too much sage. the lamb pastry was good but there’s limits to what you can call lasagna and 2 layers of bric with some feta and braised lambed dotted on it is beyond that limit.
and much too expensive for the quality.
pre-movie vegetarian pizza at folliero’s. really bland with underdone crust. usually i like a low sauce pizza but this really lacked flavor. maybe it’s better with the meaty toppings but i don’t think i’m going to be back.
we saw gravity. it was unsettling.
lamb boiled dumplings, pork and leek fried dumplings, and dry bean curd at qingdao bread food. the dumplings came with this incredible garlic vinegar. i much preferred the boiled dumplings as the fried were just a bit too … bready.
brioche french toast and pastrami hash at maximiliano. probably the best french toast ive ever had. after this we decided that we had to stop eating so much rich food because not every meal should lead to food coma.
all the carnitas tacos at metro balderas. we ordered to much. i didn’t tell jason which pig parts we were eating.
the regular ramen at tsujita annex. impossibly rich.
beef roll from 101 noodle express. this is a dish that i first read about in 2008/2009 and have been waiting to try ever since. and it did not disappoint, even as leftovers later in the night and the next day.
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