everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
Breakfast at the Sea Ranch Lodge: red pepper and goat cheese omelette, chicken-apple sausages, lovely rosti, and sourdough toast.
This is what I imagine was the cutting edge of california cuisine in the early 90s. Artful and delicate, but not exactly artisan or homemade. For example, the jam offered is of the little pots found in business hotels variety and the coffee is served in airline-style low ceramic cups from your own regular sized thermos pot. Everything is a bit underseasoned.
sushi bagel from los bagels in eureka ca. suffers from overcheesing but there is nothing like wasabi to wake up in the morning.
oatmeal and pie for breakfast. from the apple peddler in white city, or. i should have restaurant oatmeal for breakfast more often. perfect after spending the night in a scary-dark cabin in the woods.
pork belly cubano and roast beef from bunk sandwiches. for some reason this made me really full, even though i can usually eat a full cubano by myself. i didn’t even eat most of my chips. dommage.
back in portland for the weekend! this is the alberts eggless from the cadillac cafe, a popular NE brunch place.
jason got something with mole and had a mild allergic reaction. apparently 3 different tree nuts in the 40-some ingredients in the mole.
smoked turkey on pretzel bread from om nom. i like this sandwich but what you can’t tell from the photo is it was maybe 1.5” wide max and $12 is a lot to pay for a sandwich this size.
(half) grilled veggie sandwich from the stocking frame. really tasty, maybe too heavy on the tapenade.
chinese celery, cauliflower, shiitake , and julienned carrot on rice. my lunch shots are so much better than my dinner shots.
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