everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
chicken fried steak with home fries, eggs, and pancakes from carrows, the only place open 24 hours in my neighborhood. just what i needed. 
argued with jason over what constitutes and diner. i think, if breakfast is served all day, it’s a diner.
cinnamon, soy, wine, cumin roasted chicken drumstick (actually part of a giant one where i’ve sliced off a good portion for lunch the next day), roasted potato, and shredded cabbage.
I hardly ever make chicken at home and this was supereasy since I marinated in a bag overnight and just threw it in the oven over potatoes for an hour, flipping once in between.
I’m eating the leftovers “salad” now and it would benefit from a scattering of raisins, soaking up the juices. 
snack of lemon pound cake, frozen mangoes, and salami secchi.  this is ok, right?
zucchini and rigatoni pasta al forno in my baker’s edge pan. 3/4 lb pasta, 2 zucchini, 1 ball mozzarella, yesterday’s sauce and a sprinkling of parm. baked at 375 for 30 min.
the lighting in my kitchen is awful.
first time i’m made pasta sauce in a long time. i’ve been in a real red sauce italian mood lately.
terrible sushi lunch at gatten sushi in torrance. when will i learn that kaiten sushi is always a terrible idea?
this was some kind of seared salmon with red pepper flakes. it was arguably the best selection.
green curry with carrots, red potatoes, daikon, woodear, green peppers, chinese sausage, shiitake, onion, and cilantro. over rice.
it turned out superspicy. since i made a lot i think it will be reengineered with some raisins or fruit.
i bought a 15 lb bag of calrose rice and i’m not superloving it. i think i’ll get some jasmine brown just to change it up once in a while for dishes that need a little more sauce absorption.
stir-fried shiitake, nira, and egg. classic simple dish with no need for additional aromatics.
tomato and fig panino with a pretty flower side salad, from surfas.
apparently the sandwich has taleggio, pesto, and is on garlic bread wut i don’t really remember it being that fragrant. i hope i wasn’t stinking up my afternoon meetings.
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