everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
(half) grilled veggie sandwich from the stocking frame. really tasty, maybe too heavy on the tapenade.
chinese celery, cauliflower, shiitake , and julienned carrot on rice. my lunch shots are so much better than my dinner shots.
wheat gluten and veggies on rice. kind of simmered. simple and delicious. 
pork and shrimp wontons with century egg and mung bean sprouts in spicy oil and vinegar
my memorial day barbecue: sam woo salty chicken (half) 
carapulcra from mo-chica: dried potato stew, pork belly, and chimichurri. this dish should be more common.
i gave away half of my pork belly.
i think this is what ben wanted my typography project to be. but it wasn’t.

The Hundred Surnames in Tofu by Chen Qiulin
hot weather lunch: curried chicken salad and spring mix on pita
if you add a lot of veggies to tj’s orange chicken it’s ok, right? it was hot and it’s made in the oven.
sampler and armando palmero from guisado’s in echo park. next time veggie.
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