everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
what the what salad from nepo 42, with fried chicken and subbing pickled onion for cheese. i love a salad with fries on it.
this was the day that i found out i got my new job in la. so that’s why posting has been sporadic. life is kind of crazy right now. this is a de facto last dinner out in portland, although i’m pretty sure i had a burrito from ole frijoles at some point later, and i’ll be back at the end of the month to pack up the rest of my stuff.
snacks picked up at niyija market on sawtelle, west la: baumkuchen, calpico, some random korean coffee because they didn’t have mr brown, a giant apple, and cheese flavored caloriemate.
i’ve been wanting to try caloriemate for a while now it’s a lot bigger and a lot more moist than i expected and the cheese flavor had a pleasant salty/sweet thing going. also, it contains almonds, which meant i made jason spit it out after he took a bite before i’d fully read the packaging.

the baumkuchen was awesome as expected. i love layered cakes!
tsukemen at tsujita annex. thick chewy noodles with an unbelievable amount of flavor in each bite, savory, spicy and garlicy, without being too salty. how do they do that?
the portion was just big enough without going too much into food coma.
half sandwich and soup lunch special at xoia vietnamese eats. i chose the lemongrass carnitas banh mi and the pho tai. i’m never been fond of “fusion” banh mi but this was excellent.
lamb biryani from jasmine market, a burmese muslim restaurant in culver city. mildly spiced and with a slightly softer texture at places, almost like a steamed rice dish. the raita really complemented the biryani and the portion was huge.
i did also shamefully get a starbucks iced coffee because i had just gotten off an early morning flight and found no alternatives.
pulled pork, celery slaw, and sesame crackers
spicy ramen with linguica, celery, and poached egg
what i’ve been drinking: chrysanthemum green iced tea
tofu, carrot, mushroom, and red pepper curry
sweet italian sausage and kale
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