everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
chicken nachos from ole frijoles, the mexican restaurant on my corner. i usually get their pastor burrito but i felt like crunchy today.
dal, ham and cheese omelet with some extra ham, and cucumber slices. i’ve eaten a variation of this meal for several days, sometimes with different salad and with rice.
moong dal. from this recipe.
my mom sent me a package filled with chinese healthfood and now i have 5 packets of mung beans in my cupboard that i knew not how to get rid. this was the best possible option, and quite tasty, but now what? i’m scared to do the sprouting thing.
stir-fried soybeans with pickled mustard greens, chilis and bacon. this dish is supposed to be a condiment/side dish to spice up some rice porridge, etc but in my hands it’s just delicious spicysalty over rice.
sauteed kale with bacon and a splash of red wine vinegar
curry green bean fried rice with a fried egg and the beet-pickled cucumbers, topped with a bit of ketchup
pickled beets and cucumber with sliced apples. it’s a lovely snack.
egg, tomato, shiitake and tofu skin over rice.
shoyu chicken sandwich with side of macaroni salad and a ginger beer at ate-oh-ate.
i’ve been really disappointed at ate-oh-ate before but this meal was properly delicious.  i guess it’s one of those places that just begrudgingly does some vegetarian food while putting effort into their meat dishes. the chicken was lovely and tender, reminiscent of what my mom used to make before she started paying attention to cooking healthy. the macaroni salad was great as always.
afterwards we say mud at the laurelhurst and it’s probably the best movie i’ve seen so far this year. the boy who plays ellis is ADORABLE. 
ham and egg bagel sandwich with carrot and milky tea, from the waypost
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