everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
terrible sushi lunch at gatten sushi in torrance. when will i learn that kaiten sushi is always a terrible idea?
this was some kind of seared salmon with red pepper flakes. it was arguably the best selection.
green curry with carrots, red potatoes, daikon, woodear, green peppers, chinese sausage, shiitake, onion, and cilantro. over rice.
it turned out superspicy. since i made a lot i think it will be reengineered with some raisins or fruit.
i bought a 15 lb bag of calrose rice and i’m not superloving it. i think i’ll get some jasmine brown just to change it up once in a while for dishes that need a little more sauce absorption.
stir-fried shiitake, nira, and egg. classic simple dish with no need for additional aromatics.
tomato and fig panino with a pretty flower side salad, from surfas.
apparently the sandwich has taleggio, pesto, and is on garlic bread wut i don’t really remember it being that fragrant. i hope i wasn’t stinking up my afternoon meetings.
i finally cracked the braised eggplant dish! small pieces microwaved for 8 minutes in a glass bowl. with woodear and red peppers. braised with roasted chili sauce, fish sauce, and chingkiang vinegar. so good.
one of my staples lately, roasted chili and vinegar cold noodles. it’s basically a big chinese salad with whatever i have in the shape of julienned vegetables thrown in. sometimes with chicken. sometimes with woodear or seaweed, pecan bits, raisins, daikon. sometimes with sesame sauce. always with carrots and cilantro.
i’ve been kind of obsessed with rice pudding lately. to the point that i need to stop. because i’m lactose intolerant and my stomach really can’t handle it. 
i will keep on eating raisins like it’s my job though.
adventures in chayote continues. a stirfry of chayote, black fungus, carrot and mung bean vermicelli, kind of like a chapjae.
made from this recipe, with some added shiitake. i like that it’s really lightly seasoned, at least with my nonmeasuring seasoning.
i got really into this zucchini chicken salad this week and now i’m excited about making lunch stuff since i got sick of my turkey and pickled beet sandwich. eaten stuffed inside a pita.
made from this recipe with some modifications: tj cooked chicken, ponzu sudachi for lemon juice, cilantro for mint, and added raisins. try it! i’ve never really liked raw zucchini until now.
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