everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
last night, we went to see museum hours and got sushi. i haven’t had sushi in such a long time because our neighborhood is all mexican. jason and i talked about what kind of fish he’s going to allow himself to eat from now on since he’s afraid of fukushima radiation.
pandan orange pound cake. turned out way too dry and sweet because i substituted orange juice for water.
pear, ham and hummus sandwich snack.
this is the first time that i have tried making egg and tomato according to this recipe, without frying the egg first.
it was awesome and i assume more healthy. plus it made for super easy cleanup as i used the same bowl for the aromatics and the eggs.
oatmeal with brown sugar and chopped pear
braised eggplant and tofu. i can’t quite get this dish right for some reason. i blame low sodium soy sauce and the fact that my microwave (to pre-steam the eggplant) is really weak.
ginger chicken with woodear and celery
fish fragrant braised eggplant with tofu skin and woodear mushrooms.
i was really craving that kind of saucy eggplant the other day and i found out that my local chinese place no longer delivers to my house.  so i tried to make it at home with mixed success. i’m out of cornstarch and i fear large amounts of oil so the sauce isn’t as think and luscious as takeout but the flavor is quite good.
pickled beets, tuna salad, and parsley on multigrain bread.
an exceptionally delicious plucot, varietal forgotten. the had a tasting at new seasons and i was pleased to like this one equally for flavor and aesthetics. so dull on the outside and brilliant on the inside.
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