everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
kale and italian sausage orecchiette. i think i might be breaking up with kale. i’m just not that into it anymore.


Quenepa (Spanish Lime).
A coworker brought these into work last week, and they’ve since become a favorite of mine. They’re eaten like a lychee, with the taste of a muted lime (just the right combination of sour and sweet). Massive cravings right now…

Mamones/ mamoncillos/ quenepas.. Delicious-ness

i want these.
veggie green curry over rice. carrots, shiitake, green beans, and tofu skin.
i’ve been making a version of this curry quite often lately. those mae ploy curry paste pots LAST.
buttery lemon oolong cake. occasionally i feel like baking and i think it might have to do with watching british period dramas with a lot of tea scenes. 
patty melt and onion rings from hollywood burger bar
lao po bing, my favorite chinese pastry, and the crack that is mr brown’s coffee
this was way long ago but diane, james, and i went to get hotpot.
you can see in the corner that i got regular coke because it was the start of my crazy weight loss and i had made the decision that i needed as many calories as i could get. as this blog restarts you will see some really decadent meals.
my weight has since stabilized but now none of my clothes fit. but the stuff that does looks awesome. 
lunch special: half pastrami on rye with russian dressing and cup of chicken soup. side of coleslaw. cel-ray.
end of term! i had myself a treat lunch today at kenny and zukes. that’s right, i go deli when i go treat.
i’ll see you in a bit east coast, and then i will eat all of your bagels, because it ain’t the same over here.
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