everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
adventures in chayote continues. a stirfry of chayote, black fungus, carrot and mung bean vermicelli, kind of like a chapjae.
made from this recipe, with some added shiitake. i like that it’s really lightly seasoned, at least with my nonmeasuring seasoning.
i got really into this zucchini chicken salad this week and now i’m excited about making lunch stuff since i got sick of my turkey and pickled beet sandwich. eaten stuffed inside a pita.
made from this recipe with some modifications: tj cooked chicken, ponzu sudachi for lemon juice, cilantro for mint, and added raisins. try it! i’ve never really liked raw zucchini until now.
we were on the west side. jason wanted “normal food.” we went to islands.
i got the hawaiian (pineapple teriyaki) in turkey with a wheat bun. i should have gone beef, which would have stood up better against the sauce, but i was feeling like a bit of different. they’re fries are excellent.
3 classic dishes from tasty noodle in san gabriel: jellyfish cucumber salad, beef tendon noodle soup, pan fried pork buns.
the salad had these large cuts of jellyfish, which i had never seen in this type of salad. the dressing was so good even jason liked it, although he only had like half a piece of jellyfish.
the beef noodle soup had great housemade noodles and a surprising spicy kick.
the pork bun were light and savory, although they could have benefited from a bit of vinegar dipping sauce.
i’m really lucky that tasty noodle house is basically the closest real asian restaurant to my house, along with mini southern town and golden deli. and $21 fed us for two meals. will def be back.
when my parents left, my mom basically left me with a bunch of produce that i never use, like the avocado and winter melon. and especially chayote, which she usually just juliennes and marinates in a simple chinese dressing.
i knew that chayote is popular in south india so i decided to add it into a curry, albeit a chunky thai green one, with carrot, sweet potato, potato, green pepper, and ground beef. it was like a pleasing respite from the spice of the curry sauce.
miso ramen with added simmered winter melon. plus my regular shiitake, green onion, and poached egg. i still have winter melon in my freezer.
west lake beef soup has become one of my chinese ordering mainstays. this version, from new capital seafood in rowland heights is more like the traditional thick gung style while the one at oak tree inn in south pas is lighter and with more spinach. i like both.
and i like eating my soup out of ridiculously small bowls.
my parents were here for the holidays and my mom couldn’t stop buying avocados since they’re so much better and cheaper than on the east coast. i have to say that i make a mean guacamole. but i’ve afraid of fat, even supposed “good fat.”
mi quang and lime soda from ngu binh in westminster, oc. i had to pick up my parents from SNA on a wednesday night so i made lemonade by visiting little saigon.
this was the first time i had mi quang and i am so into it. from gastronomyblog: “turmeric noodles, banana flower, lettuce, beansprouts, shrimp, pork, rice crackers, and herbs, all in a shallow pool of sweet pork broth.” i might never have pho ever again.
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