everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
ham, cheese and jalapeno trenza from la monarca. 
delicious sandwich from bushel and peck bakehouse. i don’t remember which sandwich it was but the bread is delicious and i also had a lovely lemon bar, later.
sinaloa chipotle-infused machaca cazuela from la monarcha bakery and cafe in santa monica, ca.
spicy braised beef with a black bean spread and cotija on a toasted bollilo roll. it was huge, but i finished the whole thing because i hadn’t eaten all day after getting up at 5am for my flight and it was 2pm already. delicious and dripping with orangy oil. veggies (and composting) would have been nice but whatever, it was tasty and cheap.
when in a unfamiliar location and hungry, it’s sometimes a struggle to find a decent place to eat. luckily, la monarcha was literally the closest eating establishment to where i’m staying, less than a block! i walked for about four blocks (of wilshire blvd) before deciding to turn back. from what i can guess, it’s a local chain. i think i might go again in the morning for a pastry.
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