everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
hot weather lunch: curried chicken salad and spring mix on pita
i got really into this zucchini chicken salad this week and now i’m excited about making lunch stuff since i got sick of my turkey and pickled beet sandwich. eaten stuffed inside a pita.
made from this recipe with some modifications: tj cooked chicken, ponzu sudachi for lemon juice, cilantro for mint, and added raisins. try it! i’ve never really liked raw zucchini until now.
salad plate! hummus and chicken salad.
chicken salad on baguette and pig butter cookie from chop. everything they do is so good. note to portlanders, they only have charcuterie and a couple steaks at the williams location, not the rest of the meat.
trader joe’s curried chicken salad on whole wheat saltines.
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