everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
The oinkster pastrami with red cabbage slaw. I don’t think I’m down with hot pastrami.
chopped pork sandwich and coleslaw from cannon’s rib express. i got the spicy sauce, which unpleasantly had these distinguishable red pepper flakes in it, but i would definitely go back for the sweet sauce. $7, for a huge mound of meat.
lunch special: half pastrami on rye with russian dressing and cup of chicken soup. side of coleslaw. cel-ray.
end of term! i had myself a treat lunch today at kenny and zukes. that’s right, i go deli when i go treat.
i’ll see you in a bit east coast, and then i will eat all of your bagels, because it ain’t the same over here.
fried clams and chips from luna sea fish house in yachats. perfectly fried and the slaw was extra good.
jason got the fish tacos, which he thought were excellent. 
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