everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
green curry with carrots, red potatoes, daikon, woodear, green peppers, chinese sausage, shiitake, onion, and cilantro. over rice.
it turned out superspicy. since i made a lot i think it will be reengineered with some raisins or fruit.
i bought a 15 lb bag of calrose rice and i’m not superloving it. i think i’ll get some jasmine brown just to change it up once in a while for dishes that need a little more sauce absorption.
my version of saimin, daikon, lap cheong, ginger, sesame and rice vermicelli in a satay broth. made in the rice cooker.
trying to sweat it out: ramen with gochujang, daikon, and a poached egg.
it has been crazyhot in the pdx recently. one of the meals i could muster: a kind of blend between pad thai and hayashi chuka with rice noodles, egg, broccoli and raw cucumber and daikon.
green ramen in curry broth. 
Sauteed chiffonade collard greens, julienned daikon, and sausage on rice
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