everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
ramyun from no1 bento. the best meal $5 can get you on a cold winter’s day.
i bought this at a cart on campus. this is not pad thai. i ended up eating the noodles and throwing out most of the meat. and you know i hate throwing away food.
potato sausage, cabbage and mustard lefse, side of spiced beets and walnuts, and lingonberry iced tea from viking soul food. so good.
the best gyro i’ve ever had. of course i did ask the man for less meat and more salad, so i a way it’s my own creation. but the salad was super good, with lots of parsley. it’s not as big as it looks, i just have tiny hands and a penchant for awkward perspective.
it’s my first day of school in over 4 years and i have a weird split schedule, which only mens that i can enjoy cart food in the park. and i love bibimbap.
poutine and normal fries from potato champion and fig balsamic soda from pyro pizza.
Brie and peach burger and order of fries from burgatroyd. Jason got a cheeseburger with no bun. It was so good, highly seasoned patty.

And I got a pear and Ginger juice. So good I’m thinking I’d buying a condo up there.
Ginger and leek dumplings from the dump truck and a latte from cloud 7. Very tasty and well portioned for lunch but a little salty. Easily fixed by not using the sauce. also like the bit of slaw on the bottom, felt like i was eating a real lunch.
Pyro pizza spinach and mushroom, gluten free cream cheese turkey avocado crepe, and poutine from potato champion. We also finally saw bridesmaids last night and it was awesome.
The rock: a bibimbap stuffed grilled rice ball covered in gochujang spread seaweed at yogio at last Thursday.
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