everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
tuna kimbap from Kaju Nangmyun in Koreatown. you know that i love my kimbap and this was no exception, so i’m looking forward to having more meetings in mid-wilshire so i can get more on the way back to the office. 
also, this was the size of 3 normal sushi rolls, for under $10. what value!
wings from the prince, the infamous old-timey korean restaurant / filming location, that is known for their fried chicken. it comes with the standard kind of gross slaw with mayo and some dukk. jason thought they were super spicy and i didn’t think so at all.
we also got dukkboki and kimchi fried rice. most people go there to drink but the food is quite good.
ramyun from no1 bento. the best meal $5 can get you on a cold winter’s day.
it’s my first day of school in over 4 years and i have a weird split schedule, which only mens that i can enjoy cart food in the park. and i love bibimbap.
bibimbap dolsot from sokongdong bbq and tofu. i always get so excited about the stone bowl but honestly i think i just prefer the normal bibimbap. my favorite banchan was the cucumber and wakame salad. i need to learn to make namul.
i’m at my parents’ house so there has been no cooking, yet. but we went to hmart today and i got kimbap. i always get kimbap whenever possible. i love it more than sushi.
The rock: a bibimbap stuffed grilled rice ball covered in gochujang spread seaweed at yogio at last Thursday.
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