everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
ramyun from no1 bento. the best meal $5 can get you on a cold winter’s day.
it’s my first day of school in over 4 years and i have a weird split schedule, which only mens that i can enjoy cart food in the park. and i love bibimbap.
bibimbap dolsot from sokongdong bbq and tofu. i always get so excited about the stone bowl but honestly i think i just prefer the normal bibimbap. my favorite banchan was the cucumber and wakame salad. i need to learn to make namul.
i’m at my parents’ house so there has been no cooking, yet. but we went to hmart today and i got kimbap. i always get kimbap whenever possible. i love it more than sushi.
The rock: a bibimbap stuffed grilled rice ball covered in gochujang spread seaweed at yogio at last Thursday.
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