everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
grilled taro and sticky rice from bhan kanom thaigrilled . so good!
jason’s pad see eww from pa-ord. even “mild” it was way too spicy for him so we ended up taking it home and he ate all of our pad woon sen appetizer, which was ok because the portions are very generous.
eaten the next day over rice, with some greens.
Boat noodles (small) from Pa Ord. Supposedly the best in town, although I’m perfectly willing to do a full tasting. The broth was so complex!
I’ve been waking up at 7 every morning for weeks (am I finally a grownup now?) and so when I had a 10am meeting in Glendale, I actually had breakfast. Trader Joe’s swiss croissants (why do they come in 3s?), mango, and iced tea. I’ve been off the coffee for all of August and I could not be more proud of myself.
salmon skin roll and california roll from nabeeya sushi. it was a really nice day so i decided to walk farther than i would usually venture for lunch. great hidden sushi gem at the end of santee alley, just past 8th and los angeles. you can order by text!
liege waffle with english toffee ice cream. a jason only treat. i had a bite and both pieces were ridiculously sweet and rich.
curry rice ball and lychee lemonade at the 626 night market.
salt and pepper egg tofu from 626 night market. booth strategically located by the stinky tofu one for those of us who don’t enjoy the smelly stuff.
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