everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
Apple Brie arugula ham with marmalade and mustard from Classics, another delicious but crazy expensive sandwich in downtown LA.
The oinkster pastrami with red cabbage slaw. I don’t think I’m down with hot pastrami.
smoked maple pork cubano and tabbouli salad from the stocking frame. so yum.
in other cubano related news, i finally saw chef this weekend and i definitely recommend it.
smoked turkey on pretzel bread from om nom. i like this sandwich but what you can’t tell from the photo is it was maybe 1.5” wide max and $12 is a lot to pay for a sandwich this size.
(half) grilled veggie sandwich from the stocking frame. really tasty, maybe too heavy on the tapenade.
tomato and fig panino with a pretty flower side salad, from surfas.
apparently the sandwich has taleggio, pesto, and is on garlic bread wut i don’t really remember it being that fragrant. i hope i wasn’t stinking up my afternoon meetings.
lemongrass chicken banh mi from good girl dinette in highland park, my new neighborhood. i got in on saturday afternoon and after getting to my new place i basically went to the first place nearby i could remember.
the chicken was really tender, so surprisingly good for chicken, and the bread was tasty but it was missing that quintessential vietnamese fishiness. the slaw was kind of a disaster and i didn’t finish it.
for my goodbye lunch with diane in portland: grilled eggplant sandwich from lovejoy bakers, with potato salad. it was good but small. fine for my appetite but so unportlandlike.
pickled beets, tuna salad, and parsley on multigrain bread.
chopped pork sandwich and coleslaw from cannon’s rib express. i got the spicy sauce, which unpleasantly had these distinguishable red pepper flakes in it, but i would definitely go back for the sweet sauce. $7, for a huge mound of meat.
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