everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
first time i’m made pasta sauce in a long time. i’ve been in a real red sauce italian mood lately.
my first cooked meal in my new apartment: curry sauteed carrot, cabbage, and spicy italian sausage over rice. i realized that this may be the first time in years when u haven’t had fish sauce to finish a stirfry. i’m useless without my condiments.
i haven’t made pasta sauce in a while but i made a big batch with mushrooms and sweet italian sausage. it ended up lasting a really long time because it was too mushroomy for jason, even though he’s the one who bought that quantity of mushrooms. 
i had it over rice when the pasta ran out, which is delicious.
sweet italian sausage and kale
my version of saimin, daikon, lap cheong, ginger, sesame and rice vermicelli in a satay broth. made in the rice cooker.
falafel bowl, this loukanakis from the farmer’s market
city breakfast at bridges cafe. french toast, eggs over easy, and pork sausage patties. 
sausage and mixed braising greens that i got at the farmer’s market
roasted brussels sprouts and potato, with hot italian sausage.
the weather has been too hot to cook so today i decided to do it early before the house heats up. roasting is good for that if you have a well insulated oven, not that i do.
sweet and sour tofu, sausage and celery. i love celery!
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