everything i eat, most of which i've made, somewhat properly
my main reason to go to hollywood is to go to muji. i was really excited because they were the first us store to have food but when i got there it was only 4 items. i got three of them. the mikan candy is AMAZING.
miso ramen with added simmered winter melon. plus my regular shiitake, green onion, and poached egg. i still have winter melon in my freezer.
west lake beef soup has become one of my chinese ordering mainstays. this version, from new capital seafood in rowland heights is more like the traditional thick gung style while the one at oak tree inn in south pas is lighter and with more spinach. i like both.
and i like eating my soup out of ridiculously small bowls.
spicy ramen with linguica, celery, and poached egg
lunch special: half pastrami on rye with russian dressing and cup of chicken soup. side of coleslaw. cel-ray.
end of term! i had myself a treat lunch today at kenny and zukes. that’s right, i go deli when i go treat.
i’ll see you in a bit east coast, and then i will eat all of your bagels, because it ain’t the same over here.
it’s getting cold. i’ve already broken out the wooly socks and had multiple cups of miso soup. either that or i have a fever.
ramen with bean sprouts, beef balls, and fried tofu.
special opening ceremony menu: representing europe, gazpacho.
clam chowder and bread at radio room, on a delightfully sunny afternoon.  they give you a lot of bread.
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